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World's Smallest Mobile Phone w/ Camera & MP3 Player - Xun Chi 138

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121MB internal memory - Blue or pink colors

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This tiny dual band phone supports GSM networks in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, but unfortunately will not work on North American GSM networks such as Cingular/Cellular One, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido/Microcell, SunCom, Dobson, Edge Wireless, Alltel, Petrocom, Union, Pegaso/Movistar, Radiomovil/Telcel etc., since the frequencies used in North America are different than in Europe and Asia.  Click here to see the complete list of countries where it will work.

This cute little Chinese phone is 67mm long, making it arguably the smallest phone available anywhere.  But - somehow it crams in a VGA camera with video recording, a video player, photo editor, MP3 player w/EQ settings, voice recorder, 121 MB of memory, a 260,000-color touchscreen, handwriting recognition, multimedia messaging, web browser, GPRS, calendar with multiple alarms, handsfree speakerphone, vibrating alert, games, calculator and unit converter!  Despite its amazingly small size, it's still usable...SMS addicts, however, will quickly get frustrated trying to peck out long messages with the tiny onscreen keyboard, or with handwriting recognition.

It has room for 300 contacts including mobile, home, work & fax numbers, company name, email address and birthday.  You can also link a picture, video, and / or sound file to play back when a particular person calls you.

Carrying around an MP3 player, video camera and video player packed into a mobile phone that's almost as small as a book of matches is really neat, and will definitely turn heads everywhere you go...I just wish it worked on the frequencies used in the USA.  And of course the batteries are quite small, so standby time and talk time between recharges may be less than you're used to with larger phones.

Available in blue or pink colors.  Includes 2 batteries, stylus, handsfree earbuds w/ mic & mute button, USB cable, 100-240V AC charger w/ adapter as needed for your country, and Chinese manual (English manual is available digitally).  Six month warranty.  Please note that this phone does not include Bluetooth or Java support!

Click here for a short video review of this phone on Youtube.

Click here for detailed features & specifications.

Xun Chi MP3 Camera/Video Dual Band GSM Mobile Phone model 138

Blue color:

Out of Stock - No New Stock Expected

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